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A Leading Tea Producer & Exporter in Uganda With"Quality""Integrity""Commitment"

About Us

Over 30 Years of Tea Production

Uganda Tea Corporation Ltd (UTCL) has been a leading tea producer and exporter in Uganda for over 30 years. It has three estates with its headquarters at Kasaku near Lugazi. Kasaku is about 48km from Kampala and 40km from Jinja.

From producing a mere 200,000 kilos of tea per annum in the early 1980’s to the currently increasing production of over 3 million kilos of tea per annum, our company’s continuing growth and progress is due to its committed workforce and sound industry practices. We denounce corruption and espouse Quality, Integrity and Commitment as our core values in achieving our business objectives.

UTCL is also one of the leading corporations in the private sector contributing 5% - 8% of Uganda’s national tea production. More than 90% of our production is exported, earning valuable foreign exchange for the country.

With three production lines at one of the factories running at full capacity, the company continues to invest in upgrading facilities and equipment – and this continues to underpin our operational excellence...