About UTCL

Our company

Uganda Tea Corporation Ltd (UTCL) has been a leading tea producer and exporter in Uganda for over 30 years. It has three estates with its headquarters at Kasaku near Lugazi. Kasaku is about 48km from Kampala and 40km from Jinja.

From producing a mere 200,000 kilos of tea per annum in the early 1980’s to the currently increasing production of over 3 million kilos of tea per annum, our company’s continuing growth and progress is due to its committed workforce and sound industry practices. We denounce corruption and espouse Quality, Integrity and Commitment as our core values in achieving our business objectives.

UTCL is also one of the leading corporations in the private sector contributing 5% - 8% of Uganda’s national tea production. More than 90% of our production is exported, earning valuable foreign exchange for the country.

With three production lines at one of the factories running at full capacity, the company continues to invest in upgrading facilities and equipment – and this continues to underpin our operational excellence.

More recently, we have broadened our horizons into coffee and destined to plant about 400 Hectares of coffee projected for export.

Our People

We recognize that our success relies on the caliber and capabilities of our people and aim to attract motivate and retain the best talent by being a supportive and rewarding employer. Proud of our contribution to the employment of thousands of Ugandans, especially women, youth, skilled and unskilled, directly and indirectly, we believe in the highest occupational safety and health standards and self-assuredly adhere to the labour laws.

Our Values

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Commitment

Shared by everyone in our company is our pledge to exceed our customer’s needs and expectations

Our Gardens

UTCL has three estates situated in Mukono, Buikwe and Jinja districts of Central Uganda. All the three estates are rain-fed and are situated within a radius of 75km of each other with smaller satellite subdivisions benefitting from the natural tropical climate and fertile soils. These estates are:

  • Kasaku
  • Luwala
  • Salama

The company has more than 2,500 hectares of land area of which about 1,250 is currently utilized for tea growing, with coffee, forestry, food crops and deliberately preserved natural forest vegetation, swamps and streams taking up the rest. UTCL has two factories within the three estates and also has a retail factory outlet. Apart from our own estates that are productive all year round, UTCL has an established supply of green leaf from well-known and reliable out growers providing increased supply to its factories. The positive impacts of our commercial agricultural practices are socially and environmentally sustainable.

Close to Lake Victoria, Mabira forest and the great Nile river, nestled in the slightly elevated, picturesque and rolling hillocks approaching an altitude of 4,000ft above sea level, the company’s tea estates have a remarkable soil and atmospheric conditions which remain a key source of the company’s strength. This feature, combined with our passion and relentless commitment to offer high grown quality tea to our customers, has earned the company a high reputation for its tea under the three estate names.

Our Products

Over 70% of our made teas are of primary grades and the balance consist of secondary variations.
Our leading grades include BP1, PF1, PD and D1.

Our Grades

About 60% of our made teas are of primary grade and the balance consist of secondary variations.
Our leading grades include BP1, PF1, PD and D1

Our Markets

We are one of the leading made tea manufacturers in Uganda and our teas are well respected by the international buyers at Mombasa Auctions for well over two decades. Besides exports to Mombasa, UTCL sells about 20% of its teas locally.

Throughout its history, UTCL has strived to give the best of tea grades and services to its clientele, thanks to its highly motivated workforce, supportive customers and strong trade relationships.

UTCL has significant plans to increase productivity as well as local sales through brand building. Currently, it markets its teas under “SUN” Brand.

Board of Directors

Yvonne D Mehta
Yvonne D MehtaExecutive Chairman

Executive Chairman

A British national with a long association with East African countries.

Presently Mrs. Mehta is the Executive Chairman of Uganda Tea Corporation Ltd, besides being the Chairman of Ecta Group which has interests in Aumobile Distributorship, Auto Ancillaries and Parts and trading.

Her other interests include automobile rallying and she has taken part in a number international rallies to date.

A meticulous, motivated and highly competent professional with considerable strategic, planning, administrative skills and business experience.

M.J Troughton
M.J TroughtonDirector


A a British national with extensive engineering background and 30 years of solid industry experience and proven abilities and professional certifications and affiliations.

A thorough achiever with outgoing abilities impacting business, Mr. Troughton contributed immensely to the Company's policies and strategies within a short time span.

He is a member of the Board of Directors.

The day to day team of management consists of experienced professionals well trained in their areas of operations. The Company believes in communication across all the levels of the organization and people are encouraged to contribute effectively